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At Pelican™, we sweat the details so you can focus on the mission.

Pelican Protector Cases™ are watertight and dustproof. They've been thrown from attack helicopters and submerged for covert ops to safely deliver sensitive gear where it's needed most: right up front.

1750 Military Case.
1520 Military Case.

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Hardigg Deck Case

As you know, in the military all sensitive equipment and instruments must arrive intact and ready for operation – transit damage or any other SNAFU is not an option. Hardigg’s engineers thoroughly understand rigorous military standards, as well as the transport and storage conditions that military equipment faces. Our containers are built to meet or exceed applicable MIL-SPECS, as well as EIA and ATA specifications. For starters, virtually all our cases satisfy multiple levels of MIL-STD-2073 and the various environmental conditions of MIL-STD-810.

Whatever your mission profile – whether you need to transport or store computers, workstations, mobile communications equipment, weapons, or any of the vast array of items essential to military operations – Hardigg engineers the right shipping case for you. Your gear will arrive safe and ready for duty.

Hardigg Military Case (open)
Hardigg Gun Case

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