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When the Gear Absolutely, Positively Must be Protected from Abuse... Count on CASES, USA.

At CASES USA, we understand the importance of protecting your valuable equipment from the harsh realities of the world - whether it's during transport or storage. That's why we offer a wide selection of protective cases from top brands like Pelican, Hardigg, LM Cases, and more. Our variety of cases range from waterproof and crushproof options to heavy-duty and custom-fit specifications. With our commitment to quality and competitive pricing, we provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that their equipment is secure and protected during any situation.

Let us assist you in selecting just the right case for your requirements:
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  • Roto-molded Hard Cases
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  • ATA Containers
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The Pelican Protector Case Series

Pelican Protector cases are designed to survive the harshest conditions on earth, from arctic mountain regions to battlegrounds and more. While all Pelican cases are made to be watertight, crush-proof and dust-proof, the Pelican protector cases have been enhanced with extra special features that make them tough as nails. When you need extreme protection from the elements and an impact resistant case that can withstand a hard drop, the Pelican Protector case series is the answer. The Pelican Protector features O-Ring Seals, E-Z Purge Valves and Extra Thick Wall Construction.

Tough Protector Case Features

Each Pelican Protector case is made with an automatic purge valve with pressure equalization, keeping water and dust out while balancing interior pressure changes when flying or reaching high elevations and altitudes. Each injection molded, hard protective case also offers a solid exterior wall with an open cell core, making them strong enough to take on the hardest knocks while still being lightweight and easily transportable. Plus, it has all the basics features of our hard protect cases like a watertight silicone O-ring gasket in the lid to keep out moisture and stainless steel hardware.

Set on Helping You Focus on the Mission:

Our Pelican Protective Cases are watertight and dust-proof. They have been thrown from attack helicopters and submerged in the sea during covert operations - safely delivering sensitive gear wherever it's needed most.

ATA - Cases Built to Travel:

Our strongest and most durable plywood product, featuring heavy-duty recessed hardware. Our ATA Series cases are designed and built to meet the Airline Transportation Association Specification 300, Category 1 standards.

This specification states that all shipping cases must withstand a minimum of 100 air shipment scenarios, including all ground transportation associated with each event.

ATA-rated cases are available in both 3/8" and 1/2" plywood thicknesses, with your choice of ABS laminate color. We also offer recessed hardware options with 1/4" ABS laminated plywood panels, with your choice of ABS Laminate Color.

Surface Hardware Series Cases:

The economical version of our ATA Series, featuring surface-mounted hardware.

Ideal for transit on company or personal vehicles and well-suited for both local and regional delivery applications. Features the same puncture-resistant, laminated plywood options as the ATA Series. Recessed mounted latches and handles are replaced with surface-mounted hardware – giving this case a high degree of protection with cost and weight savings. Available in a 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" plywood thickness.

Specialists in Military Application Cases

Count on CASES, USA for Military Grade Protective Cases:

As you know, in the military all sensitive equipment and instruments must arrive intact and ready for operation - transit damage or any other SNAFU is not an option.

Our Hardigg line was engineered to these rigorous military standards and the requirements for secure transport and stowage conditions faced by those charged with protecting our country. Every one of our containers are built to meet or exceed all applicable MIL-SPECS, EIA and ATA specifications. All of our military grade cases satisfy multiple levels of the MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-2073 standards.

Whatever your mission profile - whether your need to transport computers, workstations, mobile communication equipment, weapons or any item essential to military operations, we are certain that we can help you get your gear to the mission field safe and ready for duty.

Protect your valuables with a Pelican Storm case. Pelican Hardigg Storm cases are military-tough cases designed and constructed to stand up to the harshest conditions. Designed to transport weapons, electronic equipment and more inside, each Storm case offers extra features like rugged in-line wheels and select cases feature lightweight telescoping handles. When you need to ensure everything inside stays safe and dry, the Pelican Storm case is the answer.

Each Pelican Storm case features a rugged exterior with extreme water resistance, provided by a watertight O-ring that keeps out moisture, dust and more. With two double-layered, soft-grip handles along with two pad-lockable hasps, this waterproof hard case can carry sensitive proprietary equipment for military personnel, law enforcement or even be used to transport camping gear for outdoor excursions.


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